Thursday, 2 April 2009

Nightwish and Apocalyptica at Hartwall Arena

The brightest stars of Finnish metal, NIGHTWISH will play a special home coming show at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki on September 19. which marks the end of NIGHTWISH’s colossal Dark Passion Play –world tour. NIGHTWISH are supported by their fellow Finns, APOCALYPTICA. NIGHTWISH’s previous show at the Hartwall Arena in October 2005 was recorded and released as the highly successful END OF AN ERA –dvd.

Saturday 19.9.2009 at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki.
No age limit.

Pre-sale at, ticket price starting at 46,50 euros. Tickets at the box office on show day 48 euros (if still available).

Pre-sale starts on Monday 6.4. at

Finnish Metal Events Oy

Spinefarm Recods - Tuula Salminen, tuulas(at)

NIGHTWISH – Spinefarm / Tuula Salminen, +358 9 454 27140, tuulas(at)
APOCALYPTICA – Tara Kojonen, +358 50 467 3269, tara.kojonen(at)


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